Inside scoop
Aura Wilming

Re paid writing, if you’re game to write stories about relatively unknown (and interesting) people ala the Timeline pub, you could probably make $30 per article. Apart from Trump, this looks like a good strategy. Might be a little more money than that.

If your’re decent editor, you could probably bang out two works per day — generating ~$48o/week. The analyst who’s deconstructing your words into a matrix for the algorithm, she’s getting $2,000/week. No judgements.

I’m not a paying member (yet). I’m waiting for a clear value proposition. I work in tech and generally avoid enabling a startup/service without a clear value proposition. You can call a cat a fish — still won’t swim.

Would love to see (more) photography, art, and compelling visual fiction. Perhaps, a new publishing service will cater to those — one day. Or, Medium might decide to embrace those genres.

I’m only guessing — Medium is so mysterious — who knows?

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