Graham, yes, there’s a lot of connecting the dots.
David Cearley

Sorry it took so long to respond. For readers (beyond you and I), I bolded your text-only stuff. Again, thanks for providing the info:) In the effort to get through all these links, I have weighted my responses towards unedited, brief, and (hopefully) non-confrontational.

Does the below sum it up? Feel free to add here. My goal is set a baseline of 3–5 basic assertions :)

  • Trump is unfairly targeted by the media
  • The Russian hacking scandal is not relevant and/or true
  • The establishment (mainly elite democrats) are trying subvert democracy by deposing a fairly elected president.

My questions to you

  • If the independent investigation finds Trump guilty of collusion with the Russians, would you accept their findings? It’s a big if — it’s also a good baseline here. He can be fairly elected — and still be a creature of Putin.
  • If this (highly unlikely) scenario happens, do you agree that Trump has to go?

Article Links

Here, it seems that (most) everyone is calling for a bipartisan investigation. If Bill Clinton, Obama, or Bush 41/43 had (allegedly) been rocketed to power by Russian intervention…well…it’s a false equivalency — I guess. Trump’s involvement in Russian hacking could be total BS. Strangely, he doesn’t seem to act like it. Perhaps, that’s his personality — guilty or no. As an American citizen, I want to know if Trump is Putin’s creature. If he’s an agent of Russia, he’s got to go. If not, we can lay it to rest. Can we agree on that?

My thought here. I agree with you! The media is biased against Trump — yet each side feeds off that hostility. And, both sides profited — big time. He got billions of media airtime bucks while ad/media sales went through the roof. If he hadn’t been so outrageously divisive (inviting media scrutiny), would he have been so popular? Disclaimer — I often deal with polling numbers (cited in the article above) as a data scientist. I’m suspicious of polls. You should be too.

As a citizen, I look forward to the independent investigation. Imo, everything else is smoke. If Trump is innocent (and he probably is), the country can move on.

Are you saying the lady (with the oxygen tank) was inciting violence? I guess it’s possible — what a badass! Partisan thugs are not acceptable — unless you’re Gianforte. He’s such a badass too! He and the bird-dogging-oxygen-tank lady should step in the Thunderdome!

These guys are all part of the same meritocracy/class. They intermarry, and, freely share info at the breakfast table. On the flip side, you have Matlin and Carville. I wonder how that relationship impacts our oligarchy?

Networking Site Meetup Wants to Coordinate Trump Resistance
(NEW YORK) — Meetup is taking a leap into the Trump resistance. The New York-based networking site will unveil plans in…

What’s wrong with Meetup being politically active? Trumps immigration policies directly impact Tech corps — and their lust for cheap/foreign/slave-labor’ish/politically-powerless talent. Oh well, what do I know.

Amazon, ‘The Washington Post’ and That $600 MIllion CIA Contract
It’s been a rough couple days for The Washington Post. Word emerged that hackers invaded its internal system-for a few…

Disclaimer — I use AWS (Amazon). Most tech folks use Amazon for cloud storage and data processing. This kind of thing is inevitable as Amazon is largely used by everyone. They should have disclosed it — no doubt. Corporate folks don’t disclose damaging info — in advance. Bezos is no different. Amazon is so large…well…something like this is inevitable. What was the CIA going to do — use Google Cloud?! Guess I’m not as shocked as I should be.

Yep, it’s possible that Susan Rice was illegally spying on Trump’s transition team. Hopefully, the independent investigation will uncover the truth here. That said, Flynn appears to have been a paid agent of Turkey. Manafort — he’s done a fair amount of well paid work for Russian Oligarchs. Trump’s team is a very interesting (irresistible) cast of characters. If she deliberately spied on them…well..that’s like halloween binge candy to a security professional.

Do you think Trump will roll back the NSA’s expansion? Personally, I’d love to see a repeal of the Patriot Act. That could be a big win for him — bringing an end to the surveillance state.

This was a success story for them, no? They made a deadline — worked extremely hard to get it out. Are they partisans, yep. Still worthy of congratulations, yep. I’m sure Fox News and Breitbart celebrate when one of their stories gets traction. I congratulate them too. Producing anything complex and/or interesting is worthy of celebration.

At worst, if the independent investigation gives Trump the firing squad, you get Mike Pence. That’s not so bad? He’s way more conservative than Mitt Romney.

Lest there is any doubt about the end game.

Yes, that’s a bipartisan wet dream — shared by many. Trump is pretty savvy, tho. Imo, he’s been avoiding prosecutions and bankruptcies for decades. He’s survived — he’s good at this. Trump would have to be charged with collusion and/or espionage to reach that kind of end game. Unless, of course, he quit. If he can find a way to win (by quitting), that scenario seems more likely. Full disclosure — I don’t believe Trump is a moral human being.

Here is reasoned essay laying out the evidence/lack of evidence regarding Trump/Russia collusion, by a democrat no less;

Hopefully, we’ll get a straight answer from the independent investigation.

It’s no secret that Russians are really good at hacking, bots, and algorithms. Their skills are admired by many — including myself.

It’s a start. What I love about Medium is that folks can agree (and disagree) without becoming trollish. Seriously, if America is going to extricate itself from this mess, both sides will have to talk. Thanks again.