Stupid Musings #20

I’m really digging how this next piece is turning out for Beautiful Bizarre — Nikola and the Woman of Light.

What I love — it’s not clear whether Nikola (the intense female scientist) is in love with The Woman of Light, or in love with solving the problem of freeing her — into this earthly plane. As mere touching means death, it’s as perversely Victorian as I can make it. Is it a lesbian ‘longing’ story — is it a scientist who is manically driven to solve a problem? Completely up to the reader’s perspective. Given the fashion product placement bonanza, the electricity, the intense beauty of the Afro-futuristic model, and the motion graphics, it’s going to be a beautiful set.

Anyway, I’m still in research phase for Nikola, and working on finishing ‘Becoming’ (the current work) for the publisher. I’m hoping both might have the opportunity to redefine ecommerce. If anything (if allowed) the blend will be quite perverse.

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