Stupid Musings #42 — Prototyping

Perhaps, folks enjoy seeing the prototyping (and coding) process for ideas that are developing into actual products. Maybe? Any road, I’m collecting my own thoughts — so this post is good for me. It’s my microblog!

Myself, once the artwork/animations are done, I’m going to put these screens in InVision for feedback. Still some animation and watercolor art left to do. At present, I’ve only got one dropcap animation — the ‘S’ ! 
Also, there’s a bit of blood left to do — yep. I hope the end results feels like Argento is the cinematographer for Murnau. Frazetta is the colorist.

Post that, I’m coding the whole shebang in React Native with some rather interesting code and motion graphic animations over looping video and a couple of tilt/accelerometer triggers for horror/surprise/suspense. On top of that Gumroad(ecom overlay) and Gfycat (video CDN).

My plan is to build an app for sci-fi/nc-17/surreal/horror/artistic/etc serials — because I can. Myself, I used to get excited about coming home and reading the next chapter of a great book. I want to recreate that experience for the phone/tablet…for genres that (apparently) nobody reads anymore.

There will be lots of suspense/surprise and playing with shadow. Things that will lend themselves to the intimacy of the phone. 100% guilty pleasures — that I hope might feel unhinged at times. You might feel embarrassed if the commuter next to you is staring at your phone. These serials will be uncensored — whatever the art (and story) dictates.

Given actual bill-paying work, I’m probably about 4–5 weeks from a full blown v1 app (with React Native). My hope is that other collaborators will hop on the train. Not particularly counting on that one. Everyone is so busy trying to growth hack (themselves) these days! Good luck with that.

Everyone gets a cut of the product placement transaction fee. Illustrators, Stop Motion Artists, Painters, writers, Coders, 3D animators, Poets, Photographers, Filmmakers are welcome to collaborate with new serials or pre-existing ones.

I might release the app with 3–4 serials (my own at first if I get no takers).

For the brave, there are only two rules— I have to like it and products have to be (creatively) written into the story line. That’s how we get paid. In the near future, that’s how clients will understand how this thing works.

I’ve got to start courting fashion/tech/luxury/whatever clients the moment it’s ready. Sadly, I can’t clone myself. Knowing sales reps, I doubt I’ll get any takers until I don’t need them ;)

This has very little to do the Medium. The truth — no one puts a priority on fiction and art — not even publications dedicated to it. I need to do this for myself. Don’t care whether it makes money or not. It’s fun!

I’m going to leverage everything I know about story, design, art, code, marketing, development, sales, product experience, and machine learning.

I would like to give gracious thanks to Tamyka Bell for helping me with the poetry of this piece. Poetry is not my strong suit — and I was struggling. At times, the graciousness of Medium’ers is humbling.