Stupid Musings #9

I’ve decided to tell you a secret, young one. At mid-life, you’ll evaporate. Sudden or gradual—the difference is immaterial! A ghoulish joke for an audience of one.

The only element of permanence will be your exile. The clock marches in double-quick time — Hurry! Every second is crucial. Nix the optimization phase. Create something that matters — to you and yours.

On rare occasion, mediums will summon — equal parts unwanted and desperately desired. You’ll open your mouth yet produce no sound. Pivot quickly! Can you pantomime? No matter — those efforts will be met with great skepticism. A sea of weary expressions will snarl,

“Run toward the light — you shouldn’t be here?!”

Yes, this is your future too. You can’t growth-hack out of this fate. There’s no webinar, javascript framework, scikit model, or twitter data visualization to make preparations. It is…make peace…now.

So, if you’re fortunate to see a flickering wraith. Be kind. It matters more than you know, young one. One day, that wandering ghoul will be you.

In the meantime, burn bright. Your time is half the measure you suspect.

Yes. Today, I’m more than a little down — it’s my microblog. Perhaps, I’ll delete it later.

Rich men make speeches about building a better world. 
How — isn’t it obvious? 
A better world is achieved by trampling on the backs of the creative-tech underclass. More than life, elites desire adulation. Perhaps, they’ll be satiated when my cigarette lighter powers my laptop. Perhaps not.

No doubt, the world will suffer when I fail to make tonight’s deadline.