Make Money On Medium in 2016
Tim Boucher

This is awesome! Do you know if has any working donation module integrations?


  • User Reads the Content Marketing about some Cause
  • Frictionless Payment — Donate Money similar to Gumroad (within module).
  • Live Infographic — See funds donated so far and total monetary goal (within module).

John Kiriakou

Myself, I’d like to start a donation fund for John Kiriakou’s outstanding $800K legal bill. Myself, I do one pro-bono project a year. He’s the man who inspired Edward Snowden to release the NSA docs.

The difference — John remained in the USA, and was legally steamrolled by President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder.

Apparently, our batshit crazy US govt thinks John’s a spy for telling ABC news that we tortured some folks?! This whole thing is beyond politics. He’s got 5 kids for goodness sake.

Fantastic podcast on him below.

Either way, I’m thrilled that medium is allowing this to happen.

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