Don’t know about that… And I have never seen a single episode, nor a clip from kuwtk. Not my thang.
Camille Wilkinson

Truth — I have great respect for Kardashian genius . Swag episodes are more love letter than satire. That said, reality tv is hard to watch — especially if not a TV watcher. Myself, I don’t own a TV. More of a reader.

I have an idea for her signature that gets around my graphic design limitations. Not sure if Kylie will approve! Going to try nail polish (as lip liner) as writing implement. Then, I can put a bow on this one.

I greatly appreciate you sharing thoughts with me :) These Swag episodes take a long time to make, and the creative echo chamber can take its toll. The plan is to create 8 Swag episodes with a cliff hanger and call it a day. Next up, Kylie’s Missing — are those snapchats (somewhere in Pakistan) really her?!

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