Small bathroom? Check out our top tips to making the most of your space

Maximising the space within a room is often an important consideration to homeowners and especially so when it comes to the bathroom. Often the smallest room of the house, bathrooms can quickly become cluttered as they become filled with all those bathroom essentials.

If you are looking at renovating a small bathroom space, we have come up with some great tips that can help you to maximise every available inch, minimise clutter and create the stylish, relaxing space of your dreams. Read on to find out more….
No matter how stylish your bathroom fittings, clutter such as shampoo bottles, toilet rolls and the laundry basket will all work to detract from the overall feel and make the space feel cluttered.

Before beginning your bathroom renovation, take a good look at what you keep in your bathroom; does the laundry basket need to be in there? Could towels be stored in a hallway cupboard? The more items you can re-organise elsewhere in the home (while still ensuring the bathroom is functional), the better.
Add storage
Storage is incredibly important in the bathroom and the great news is is that there is plenty of choice, from built-in shelving and cupboards to attractive baskets and hanging storage solutions.

Making the most of every bit of available space is a great way to ensure the bathroom functions as you need it to; while keeping it neat and tidy. Vanity units, which are installed beneath the sink, add much needed storage and are perfect for hiding away cleaning products etc.

Check out the Twyford 3D 595 two drawer vanity; with its high gloss finish it makes a practical and contemporary addition to any bathroom.

The stylish Twyford 3D 595 Two Drawer Vanity in all its glory.

Maximise natural light
In small rooms light can work wonders in helping the space to feel bigger. Wherever possible make the most of any natural light, you can do this by keeping window sills free of clutter and minimising window dressings. If your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, there is a wide range of techniques that can help you to bring light into the room.

LED lighting for example offer great light quality, are low energy and have incredibly long life spans. You can also use LED lighting in a range of versatile ways such as strips to create interest around mirrors and the ceiling and as a panel light to create the illusion of a window.
Installing multi-tasking products
Make the most of your space by getting your accessories to work harder. For example, instead of a radiator and a towel rail, opt for a stylish heated towel rail such as the Bath 25 towel rail from our heating range.

The Classic Bath 25 Towel Rail, fits in perfectly with a family orientated lifestyle.

Not only will a heated towel rail help warm the room (and offer lovely warm towels straight from the bath), but you will be able to neatly store a couple of towels on it — saving the need for additional storage space elsewhere.
If you are looking to add a little extra luxury to your bathroom, consider installing a bathroom mirror TV, offering the latest in technology, a bathroom mirror TV functions as a standard mirror until switched on when it transforms into a high-quality TV! Lie back for a long soak and catch up on your favourite shows.
Add mirrors
A large mirror makes a great (and useful) addition to a bathroom. Bouncing light around the room, a mirror is a quick and easy way to create an illusion of space.
Those final details
Other simple ways to help your bathroom feel larger include keeping the colour scheme light and bright, and for those that like a bold splash of colour, add accents through your accessories. Adding a glass shower screen can also make a big difference to how spacious the room feels as it will help keep sightlines clear and prevent the space feeling closed in. 
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