Open Letter to Indiana Wesleyan University Regarding The Removal of Elizabeth Dole from the Society of World Changers.

To the President, Trustees, and Administration of Indiana Wesleyan University: I am writing to ask that you rescind and/or suspend Elizabeth Dole’s membership in the Society of World Changers due to her demonstration of exceptionally poor judgment in regards to her poor leadership of numerous banana plantations, most of which are violating numerous labor union laws.

As you will see in this link there is currently a large following of individuals that have already began the noble fight before me against such injustices. I cannot tell you the number of times I have relied on the nourishment of bananas and I also can’t say I haven’t gravitated towards a Dole brand banana in hopes that I might, in some magical way, catch the World Changer bug if you will. Childish I know, but inspiring nonetheless.

Because of this aforementioned fondness of bananas it has been that much harder for me to accept and process the also aforementioned injustices of numerous labor violations. As I reflect upon my time here at Indiana Wesleyan University I can’t help but cherish every one of my mandatory life calling and world changer classes and the tools it gave me to engage the world around me in hopes to indeed change it. I remember the day I sat in the required world changer convocation chapel and sat in awe of the potassium fueled passion that Mrs. Dole spoke with.

Unfortunately today I sit here and I can’t help but think about the aforemetnioned potassium fueled passion being redirected towards the exploitation of hard working men, women, and children. It’s a shame to see the most american of fruits being used in such a carelesss manner. One that can only be paralleled to the carnage of a heated multiplayer mario-kart tournament.

As I peel back the layers of this issue I can’t help but also picture the aforementioned potassium fueled passion being redirected to sunset conversations between Mr. and Mrs. Dole. I imagine them chatting over a couple of blood bananas, if you will, talking about “making america great again” after Mr. Dole’s early on public endorsement of Trump as the better choice for a presidential candidate.

In conclusion I hope this letter has apeeled to all involved to address and hopefully solve very complex and troubling issue. I hope this letter has been an effective and compelling one that continues to help split the differences of wright and wrong. My vision is that this social media apeel gives real applicable solutions to complex systemic issues of this beloved university. More importantly the issues of one of the most effective and significant sources of learning for this community, The Society of World Changers.

Moving forward I hope we will all be more concious and cautious in our choices of who we support knowing that at any moment that revered bronze bust of change can slip on the moral mario-kart banana peel of life, falling to last place in the grand prix to change the world.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Graham Benton McClanahan, A Concerned Student.