Paul Mason

Good postulations!

Likewise I hope that the British public will come to its senses however this referendum has been the most divisive that I have experienced in this country and it will be hard if not impossible to put Pandora back in her box. It’s a similar situation, I feel, in the US. Whether Trump grabs the presidency or not, outright racism and prejudice has been normalised in the media and general discourse.

The referendum isn’t legally binding however. Politically it might be but not in law so there is always the chance that government says “I hear you but you don’t know what I know so we’re not doing it”. This was the strategy that Tony Blair used to take us to war in Iraq when citizens in their thousands marched on Westminster. Alas I doubt that this government has the cojones for voiding the outcome of the referendum in the event of a leave vote.

So then we are left with what the prospect of living in a nation that would swing quite violently, I think, to the right. Cameron would be gone and his puppet masters would be in the driving seat slashing and burning public services even further as the nation dives into a depression and the poor, which will be pretty much the majority, will be told to get on their bike in a Norman Tebbitt inspired Dickensian 21st century.

The Labour Party would, in this context, continue to be irrelevant and return to their infighting and fragmentation rather than see the opportunity to seize power from the right.

In other words, in the event of a decision to leave then, I think it will be a case of the last one leaving please turn off the lights.