No, you’re right, Graham.
Arthur Chiaravalli

We have to be careful that we aren’t delivering the school from the the factory into the hands of the corporation.

I absolutely agree with you here.

I sense that we’re most likely in agreement on these issues.

My channelling of Foucault and his concept of the panopticon was to a large extent influenced by the way in which digital and educational technology has been co-opted in the reinforcement of a narrow curriculum as mentioned earlier.

Teachers and students, as a result of being surveilled in this way, work to produce “good data” and thus lose autonomy essentially being governed and directed by algorithms. To serve the datafication principles of the system, personalisation gives way to standardisation which is, in effect, homogenisation.

The industrialisation of society and therefore it’s standardisation/homogenisation is, I’d suggest, a key factor in the declining mental health of its citizens who have little option than to surrender their individualism.

I’d venture that behaviour management strategies are necessary to force compliance to a way of being that is unnatural for many.