How audacious! Credit, courtesy, an apology?! You ask too much!
Mark Sonnemann

Thanks Mark, unfortunately this happens a lot but even I was surprised by how brazen this was and then almost speechless by the response when I called the writer out on it. I don’t think I could write parody that well!

There was a reason why I’d rather write those kinds of pieces independently & without external funds. It makes it hard then for Bridge or their many corporate supporters to suggest a conflict of interest. Naively when I approached the NYT & The Guardian back in June 2016 it was only to help me with my legal costs in exchange for publication rather than a commission fee as I just thought it was important to have the story out there.

I did get a warning bell from the NYT journalist when she then started probing me about whether I had any links to advocacy groups etc. It was asked at the end after I had provided her with a lot of material & goodwill and it gave me an insight into her character. I began to suspect that she was already in contact with Bridge and was asking questions on their behalf & I do wonder how many organisations contributed to the costs of the NYT “story”.

The material I haven’t published from this interaction is as interesting as the material I have published so maybe a part 2 later ;)

I’m not expecting any courtesy from the writer or the NYT.

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