A noisy mind means nothing gets written

Get it into focus

It’s tempting to believe that a head full of thoughts is a basket full of goodies when you’re trying to write.

Experience tells me this is not always the case. Not often the case. Perhaps not ever the case.

On reflection this should not be a surprise. Consider this: if you want to tell someone something, it’s good to be able to focus on what you want to say. If every time you start a sentence, you veer off into the wilder, far-off places that spring to mind, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get your message across. It is very likely that the person you’re talking to will make excuses and then make a call. You may start to hear sirens in the distance.

Focus is important. Having lots to say at once is akin to having nothing to say. Having lots to write at once is akin to having nothing to write. Unless you train a laser beam on one thing at a time.

Quieten the mind, find the single thought that bubbles to the surface, and nail it to the page.

And then stop.