What I was thinking is clear evidence that I wasn’t thinking clearly

Photo by Hoach Le Dinh via Unsplash

I have gone through the pieces I have written in the last couple of months — over 60 of them now — and removed the majority from the Literate Business publication. Their presence there was a mistake.

I had thought that keeping the articles all in one place would make my productivity more impressive. All about ego, of course. What it did, instead, was simply subvert the intended purpose of Literate Business.

And make me look like someone who had no clear plan for their writing.

Yes, well.

My inconsequential ramblings about my past and thoughts on things unconnected to politics and economics have no place in Literate Business. They will have to take their chance on the open plains of Medium.

So Literate Business will be less bloated; it will be the new svelte persona of my less personal writing.

Here’s something personal to keep well away from Literate Business.

It is my daughter’s birthday today. She is 24. This is also the month in which my wife and I celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Isla was born in Singapore — as were her two younger siblings — because I had been posted there for work. I arrived there exactly eight days after the wedding. My wife joined me some weeks later.

My contract was originally for 13 months — a strange length, I suppose — but we stayed for just over five years. Just time to have three children there, in fact.

Time for other things, too. Lots of flying. God, did I do a lot of flying in Asia.

But we returned to the UK with three beautiful and healthy children who are still healthy and beautiful to this day, for which I am very grateful to the powers of the universe that make such things happen.

That’s it.

As you were.