Questioning the “critical” in Speculative & Critical Design

Great copy. And yet…“I sense much anger in him,” to quote the Master.

Not having followed the debate, and having researched only the most speculative (and therefore least critical) of designs, it seems to me that the purpose of SD (cf SCD) is just one step closer to reality than sci-fi.

I question whether your rage would burn so fiercely at sci-fi. Elysium perfectly captures the themes you identify, whereas Alien is largely horror (and class warfare…“You get what you’re contracted for…same as everybody else.”). Whereas Terminator is entirely entertainment.

If we examine Auger, for instance, I feel their work is diversionary; it is haute couture for the senses. It is (steps onto thin ice) applied art.

Are you seriously advocating that — unless art strive for social change — it is fatuous?

Art, SCD, medicine…such things — in the privileged classes you mention — have always had their roots in wealth. The irony of our species is that wealth provides leisure, leisure reflection, reflection art, art action, action change, change social adjustments and redistribution of wealth.

This process — were it the only form of social improvement for the lower classes — would be much too slow. Fortunately, it is not the only form.

The abuses you discuss are a scourge. Yet SCD is not, I suspect, the remedy you should lay awake at night for. It is not (perhaps) speaking to your problems. Or if it is, with nothing like the urgency it “should.”

My question is…what evidence do you have to suggest that that was ever its intention?

Love your work. When I grow up, I want to use words as powerfully as you do :)

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