Class Action Defamation Suit Filed By My Crushes
Blythe Roberson

If it please the court we would like to file an amicus brief with the defendant. On behalf of “normal guys who enjoy a good reputation as non-misogynistic, decently good looking men” — herein referred to NGs — we would ask for the court’s leniency in the charges against the defendant. We stipulate that while NGs may be above the average expectations of men, we are far from perfect. We further stipulate that we are not as smart, or emotionally woke, as we may appear, or profess to be. We have a documented case history of making poor decisions bore out of fear, insecurity, selfishness, stupidity or obtuseness. NGs however, have a vested interest in other people — of all genders — taking our actions personally, both good and bad. We depend on guidance from those like the defendant to ensure we continue to maintain our NG status. In conclusion, we again ask the court to vacate any claims against said defendant.

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