The “Disclosures” section of President Trump’s still hasn’t been updated

Five days into the relaunch of several sections listed under “Disclosures” are still just placeholders stating the pages are being updated.

If you want to find the pages look at the footer of the new website under “Briefing Room” and find the link to “Disclosures.”

That link leads you to a page titled “Disclosures” with links visitor access records, financial disclosures, ethics pledge waivers, and staff salaries.

As of 7 p.m. on Tuesday Jan. 24, when these screenshots were taken, all of those pages still contained no information.

Visitor Access Records

Visitor Access Records
“This page is being updated. It will post records of White House visitors on an ongoing basis, once they become available.”

There are also two typos in the meta tags on this page.

“As part @POTUS commitment to government transparency, check out records of White House visitors on an ongoing basis online.”

I would guess they meant “As part of @POTUS’s …”

Financial Disclosures

“This page is being updated.”
“This page will detail the process for requesting OGE Form 278 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure reports as they become available.”

By the way, here’s the link to those disclosures on the U.S. Office of Government Ethics website— — the reports are already publicly available.

Ethics Pledge Waivers Released by the White House

“The information on this page is being updated. Ethics pledge waivers will be published as they become available.”

Staff Salaries

“This page is being updated. It will post records of White House staff salaries as the data becomes available for the Trump Administration.”

During the campaign I posted about the dismal performance of the error handling on forms for then candidate Trump’s website (Secretary Clinton’s website was slightly better coded, but still lacked any human touch in it’s error language). I drew a corollary between the care and craft each campaign’s staff was putting into the minutiae their websites and the potential care and craft each candidate would take into office.

Five days into his presidency President Trump’s seems to be run more like a small business’s never-quite-finished website and less like the digital presence for the executive branch of our government.