Ah yes, that very, very childish interpretation of spirituality so common among proud atheists.
Chris Farmer

Ah yes, that very very pathetic insulting response I’m used to getting on the internet, where people don’t have to justify or reason or explain, where they can instead just lash out because their worldview is threatened. There hasn’t even been a discussion of interpreting spirituality here, and there is no mention coming back to me of whether I’ve read Sam Harris on spirituality or whether I know anything about cross-cultural studies of mystical experiences, or what sort of person I am or what sort of life I lead — just a condemnation of a stranger as “childish” — a strange criticism here — and “proud”. Well, intellectually, it appears I’ve got more to be proud of than such “critics”. “Spirituality” can mean all sorts of things, can’t it, including new-age claptrap around energies and auras and so on, and it seems reasonable to consider whether any value it gives to human life can be separated from the superstitious rubbish in ancient religions. But that’s reasoning and discussion and conversation, so I’m on to a bit of a loser against keyboard warriors.

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