Michio Kaku on “perfect capitalism” and the future of commerce

I adore Michio Kaku — as I love future-orientation, optimism, intelligence and science, and I believe he is a force for good in the world — and I wish I knew him personally. But I have to say he is such a nut as well! There is some real conflict between his golden-future concepts and the messiness, incompetence and ruthlessness of the real world, let’s face it! “Perfect capitalism” is about as likely as that “perfect communism” that followed the 1917 uprising. And of course we can all imagine those wonderfully charitable multinational corporations getting control of software which enables us to find out where they are ripping us off or exploiting people/costs “unnecessarily” — or particularly of being able to download into their consumers the excitement of their wondrous new product. That is as likely to lead to hell on earth as anything remotely utopian or consumer-friendly.

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