Smartphones Harm Your Productivity More Than You Think
Darius Foroux

I can’t quite cope with all the circular irony going on here… stop paying attention to so many things so you can learn to pay attention to the right things… read this about how to stop reading things because they’re distractions — except for this of course, which is good solid advice instead… I appreciate it is early days for humans learning to cope with appallingly addictive technology (powered by capitalism/advertising etc), but the advice for putting it all into some kind of useful perspective is, here and there, starting to turn into throwing-baby-out-with-bathwater stuff, like telling everybody in 1912 they’ve got to stop using cars because some people have started having accidents… I appreciate also that this is intelligent and well-meaning advice from Mr Foroux! It just seems to me to raise issues about psychology and self-control and common sense, as well as issues about distraction and achievement. It’s a bit complicated — and like the simple answer to all the garbage on TV being “don’t have a TV”, there can be an over-reaction to how to get the best out of something potentially brilliant and helpful, as long as the user can learn to be selective about it!

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