Will Humankind’s Primitive Ego Rise Up To Destroy The American Experiment In Democracy?
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

I thought this was great. My being in the UK gave this a particular perspective as well — all those Brexit-voting “Little Englanders”, with delusions from an imperial past, people who think there are “too many immigrants” or just “don’t like foreigners” — if that isn’t all about tribalism and nationalism I don’t know what is.

I know it is dangerous to generalise, and there was a small number of people with legitimate concerns about the democratic accountability and potential political intentions of the European Union, but largely the Brexit voters, when not just racist and nationalist, were either gullible (told lies by politicians and the largely lousy British newspapers) or were intellectual innocents, understanding nothing about economic realities or the irreversible psychological internationalisation of a globalized culture and trading system.

I can only hope that as the rigid older generation dies away, the forward-looking and more tolerant among the younger (and it would be nice to think, more aware and better-educated) humans would end up having more sensible attitudes. I shouldn’t be too optimistic, though, as I have just been reading what some Europeans said in the 15th century about how insular and foreigner-suspicious the English were all that time ago, so maybe some things don’t change…

I wonder if they have more sense in Scotland and will end up with a Scotland which is both more independent and more culturally involved with Europe? Either way, take heart, at least Donald Trump can’t live forever… with present genetic technology anyway… One can only hope that if the geneticists defeat death (other than by accident or some new disease or course), they do it AFTER the deaths of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il, Robert Mugabe, Donald Trump… otherwise we know what kind of people will be first in line for the treatment, and it ain’t the internationally tolerant intellectuals. This is more frightening than paranoia about artificial intelligence. (Imagine an ISIS with immortal pig-headed brutal stupid fanatic leaders…!)