Oh cry more.

Oh grow up and please learn to read. I just explained that I was advising other readers that they could have better lives without Twitter, as everybody on the planet did twenty years ago. You chose to misinterpret this as “telling the author” something, which I just explained I wasn’t doing. You choose to say I did what I wasn’t doing “in a harmful way”, which is ridiculous as I insulted no one. I explained to you that it is equally unacceptable to use a public forum like the internet to have a go at another human being when you have absolutely no idea what that person is actually like or does with their life. You don’t like this truth that hurts you, for pointing out that it is you who have now done something wrong and insensitive and unkind, and therefore you choose to describe explanations and communications and hurt feelings as a “diatribe of nonsense”, i.e. a dismissal rather than a response. This unfortunately reminds me of the kind of thing I have seen elsewhere on the internet, where someone cannot articulately oppose a reasoned point of view and therefore dismisses it as a “rant” because emotional opposition is easier. Before you, or I or anyone else, decides to attack anyone else on the internet, perhaps we all need to consider that being a better human being includes considering whether what we say can be misinterpreted, or continue to be wilfully misunderstood, and whether the recipient might actually be someone who has just been bereaved or told they have cancer or is a charity worker or a social worker or an abused deserted spouse or a struggling single parent family, and that we have no right to condemn them on the basis of a single comment on a single matter. I can learn from this, and you too can be “called” on what is “unacceptable”.

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