It’s Time to Start a New Conversation About Vaccines
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Only in the USA could anyone think it sensible to be “anti vaccine” or that “vaccines are a no no” or that they are “all about the money”. (I’m in the UK, where the National Health Service means that doctors do not get more money for vaccinating more children.) This article refers to an “evidence based” way to vaccinate, as if vaccination has been developed by capitalist witch doctors rather than scientific understanding. Well, the actual evidence happens to be that there is no other medical intervention which has saved more lives than vaccination — smallpox has been eradicated, polio is on the way out, even measles might be wiped out by vaccination. When I was a child over half a century ago there was much more diphtheria and whooping cough — numbers now slashed by vaccination. In other countries, vaccination has led to a massive reduction in yellow fever. The idea that this could possibly be a controversial subject, or that people could be antagonistic towards such fundamentally proven health protection, seems extremely strange to me, even on the verge of not-quite-sane. It certainly means increasing dangers to innocent children, which is just awful.

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