The First 3 Hours of Your Day Can Dictate How Your Life Turns Out
Srinivas Rao

Supplementary to my earlier comment.

(1) the “point” is not that if I am already a subscriber I would already have received an email link to this very same swipe file, so I seem to be “complaining about not getting something I already have”. The point is that people should be honest. If a link says “If you want a list of X, click here”, then clicking there should mean that you get a list — not a bunch of adverts or an insistence of providing an email address or signing up to something, which it just did not say. If a link wants to attract subscribers, it should be honest and say “If you want free regular access to terrific advice by email, you can subscribe to our first-rate highly-regarded newsletter by clicking here”, and then clicking there should mean you get an invitation to subscribe, because that is what you expected. Customer perspective, not capitalist-marketer-sneaky-idea perspective.

(2) Another point is that shrieking alarms, or indeed any alarms at all, are a terrific idea and all very well for would-be high-achievers who live alone, but if you live with someone who does not share the desire or intention or attitude for an early start, such advice doesn’t help one little bit. Something might be needed to wake X up but not Y who is sleeping in the same room.

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