Change Your Roles, Change Your Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

There are many great articles by Ben Hardy and I think this is one of the best. Its importance is enormous. I suspect its importance might also seem somewhat elusive — I can imagine many people reading it and either thinking “Well, that’s really interesting”, but then carrying on their lives and activities in the same old way instead of realizing they’ve just been given some golden clues — or even readers thinking “blah blah, I’ve read about those experiments before”, and completely missing the point that it isn’t about consuming “just another” article, it’s about getting hold of it and using it for your own purposes to revitalise, or even utterly transform, your own life. It’s worthy of keeping, and printing out, and re-reading — most of all, of living with, of understanding that it’s about you and the quality of your life and attitudes. It’s not “just somebody else” giving their views or opinions, outside your life. But as they say, it takes two to understand, one to speak and the other to listen and hear.

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