Republicans Stuck In The Quicksand Of Repeal
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

There was a wonderful satirical program on British TV following the election of Trump. One of the jokes was that they were talking about the USA, a country which -unlike the rest of the civilized world — apparently not only doesn’t want healthcare, they get angry if anyone suggests they should have healthcare. It appeared so true it was virtually not satirical at all.

There appeared to be an explosion of US reaction against anything to which certain civilized words could be attached, such as “socialist” or “liberal”, as if those words weren’t anything to do with compassion or caring or fairness or freedom or rights, but as if they belonged in some totalitarian eastern-European hell-hole where Davy Crockett wouldn’t dream of being caught dead. They are so often not seen as arguable flexible concepts which ought to be applied in the only civilized aim of all — the maximisation of the well-being of conscious creatures. They are dismissed by macho Republican stuff about standing on your own two feet etc.

Well, they should try lecturing on that to a roomful of multiple sclerosis sufferers. (I’m not just having a go at Republicans here, you could substitute “Conservative voters” in the UK, who are just as likely to be kind to those who need support, and who, despite having to put up with the historical inertia of the existence of the National Health Service, are still trying their damnedest to farm out as much of it as possible to private enterprise, because of course that is always more efficient [that is a religious belief, not a reasoned position] and it always makes sense to divert tax funds to people who can cream off dividends and bonuses before applying what is left to actually treating the sick. The logic and economics of the privileged establishment, you have to love it. It’s just nice to know there are still plenty of good sane thinkers in the USA!)

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