Living Through the Death of Capitalism
Joe Brewer

This is a decent article so this comment is a bit of a side issue. It’s just that it always kills me when people agonize over whether they should have a child in “this world” when there is so much wrong with it. Imagine if people were like this in the fifteenth century, say, or the ninth century, when there was no science (no drugs against plagues, no understanding of earthquakes etc), appalling health, appalling mortality statistics, widespread use of torture, no entertainment worth a damn, appalling “rule” by pig-headed alpha males because they hadn’t invented checks and balances and enfranchisement yet… None of us would be here. Yes, kids will have problems and the world will go through traumas. But if you’re wondering, gamble on the future being better, and on some descendant of yours in 500 years time saying “Look at what a great life we had, how awful it would be if we’d never been born because people in the 21st century looked around at all the terrible things going on and what a lousy unjust society they had and had decided not to put their faith in a future represented by children…”

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