Give Yourself an Informal Education that Kicks the Crap out of Your Formal One
Srinivas Rao

This is not a criticism of this excellent article. I’m just reeling with disbelief from the mention of Seth Godin saying in podcasts that “anyone listening to this has more resources than the king of France did 200 years ago”. What? 200 years ago was after the French Revolution, so they didn’t have a king any more. Napoleon was in charge. And when they previously did have a king, I’m pretty sure that the palace of Versailles and its grounds were a damn sight more in the way of land and wealth than my home will ever see. But of course the point of your article is that people should read books and learn things, not just make podcasts about what they don’t quite understand or haven’t thought about properly. Unless it was meant to be a joke, i.e. if they had kicked out the king by then, obviously he no longer had any resources (or had been executed)!

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