5 Things Every Man Should Know
James Altucher

Very good post. Young people are extremely lucky — if they are prepared to look and listen and think about things- to have such widely available great advice on the internet. (You can ignore the horrible and trivial stuff while you’re thinking seriously about your life.) I’m old enough to only have been given the advice (a) don’t work in a factory, work in an office, and (b) there’s no point in going to university if you don’t want to be a doctor, a lawyer or a nuclear physicist. There was no “life coaching” and little in the way of straightforward advice about how to organize more of your life in a positive way. I wonder sometimes, would I have paid attention if when I was twenty years old someone had given me a book like Anthony Robbins’s “Absolute Power”, or Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”, or Peter Jones’s “How to Do Everything and Be Happy”… or would I still have been paralysed by the lack of self-esteem (and money) of working class youth, imagining such approaches to success would “not work for me”… They did work for me later. I’d just like to have had them earlier. If you’re young, don’t waste it, and don’t imagine you’re immortal- and don’t think you’re not worth believing in or being an achiever.

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