Updating your LetsEncrypt certificate for a Meteor JS project

This is pretty out of date now — take a look at https://medium.com/@grahamleslie/setting-up-meteor-meteor-up-letsencrypt-ssl-and-nginx-dddb3b5a4baa#.vq6hbhgdp

Updating your LetsEncrypt certificate for a Meteor project is pretty straightforward and will only take about two minutes. This assumes you’re deploying with Meteor Up.

In your local project directory, go ahead and stop the deployed instance:

mup stop

On your server, assuming you have LetsEncrypt extracted:

cd letsencrypt 
sudo service stud stop // free up that port
./letsencrypt-auto renew --agree-tos

That last command should tell you where your ssl.pem file is located. cd there and run:

# combine your cert chain with your private key
touch ssl.pem
cat fullchain.pem privkey.pem > ssl.pem

Now back on your local, go ahead and download that file into your Meteor directory and overwrite the old one. Now you can run:

mup start

and you should be good to go!