A New Growing Niche for Camgirls: Gamer girl Niche

Maloney Graham
Oct 14, 2019 · 6 min read

I want to talk about two things here — Video Games and Camming.

It seems pretty normal and mainstream; gamers stream gameplays and fans love watching them. After all, video game is a global phenomenon, and everyone knows about the live streams on YouTube and Twitch. Video game streaming has come as quite a popular cam niche.

In fact, in 2014 itself, Twitch drove 40% of the live streaming traffic in the US and 1.8% of all internet traffic, only after Google, Netflix, and Apple. In another research, Forrester found that consumers watch live videos 10–20 times longer than VOD. It is because live streaming a more powerful medium to deliver interactive content.

From sponsorships, donations, and merchandises, to brand collaborations, video game streamers make pretty good cash out of the live streaming industry.

However, there has been a shift in recent years. YouTube and Twitch are not the only ones streaming video gameplays. If we look carefully, we can notice that a new popular cam niche is budding up in the webcam-modeling domain, too.

Adult camming sites are inviting Twitch webcam girls

Till now, the terms like ‘Gamers’ and ‘Gamer Girls’ were popular in the mainstream media. People would visit sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook to watch video game streams. However, there are not many girl gamers on these platforms, but they are still popular.

Nevertheless, something happened recently. Twitch updated its community guidelines and introduced some ‘dress-code-like’ stuff for the streamers. It is a bunch of reading with lots of terms and conditions. To be concise, they have advised streamers against semi-nudity, showing too much, and any kind of explicit outfits during the streams.

AmateurCommunity, which is also a live camming site, took the opportunity to invite all Twitch camgirls to stream on their platform. They offered Twitch webcam girls a platform where they can care-less about nudity-related guidelines. They can literally go from semi-nude to naked if they want to.

Gaming and Girl gamers, the terms that were popular on mainstream platforms are now also becoming quite prevent in the adult entertainment industry as well. Adult webcam girls with gaming skills are the new cool and video game fans love it.

Two giant industries in one: Video Games and Webcam Modeling

We can see the concept of gamer girls in the camming industry as a blend of two giant industries. At one end is Gaming, which is loved by people around the planet. On the other end is webcam live streaming, which we can further classify into — Video Game Streaming and Live Webcam Modeling.

Two popular webcam niche came together to introduce the concept of gamer girls on camming platforms, and trust me; they are attracting the fans from a much broader populace now. Not just the adult content lovers but also the people with an appreciation for gaming are finding such adult video game streams captivating.

The gamer girls on adult webcam platforms are bonding better with the customers, and literally using many new and exciting ways to engage their fan base. The customers enjoy video games and erotica at the same time. In short, viewers now have one more reason to visit an adult camming site — love for the games.

How gamer girls can make money camming?

A camgirl salary depends on the money she makes from the fan base, and her only chance to do so is while streaming the live shows. Though sites let camgirls sell merchandise and stuff, the major section of a webcam girl salary comes from her live shows itself.

With gaming as a niche, cam models can present themselves to gamers’ community and fascinate them in a language they understand. Besides traditional revenue channels, gamer girls can attract an array of other revenue streams from the game-streaming niche as well.

1. Viewers can request one-to-one shows after gaming

Game lovers can take their experience to the next level, and request private shows after the regular gaming sessions. The fun does not have to stop and the gamer girl can make additional money via traditional revenue channels such as one-to-one shows, private chats, and tips.

2. Camgirls can attract private messages from viewers

Gaming itself is an interesting topic to engage gameplay viewers magnetically. A camgirl can induce gaming conversations in the public sessions and invite private chats from the game lovers. Something similar to YouTube’s Superchat, where users purchase tokens and use the same to send private messages to the streamers.

3. Viewers can purchase explicit content from the camgirls

Besides gaming and related revenue streams, camgirls can earn selling explicit content to the fans, too. It may range from selling nudes, videos, and even textual stuff. There are plenty of ways to sell content to the fans. One can use pay-per-content or invite fans to join a premium membership to access all her explicit videos, photo albums, and regular posts.

4. Fans can purchase explicit merchandises

With gaming in the scene, it is easier to sell exclusive gaming merchandise and make money. Besides gaming, the merchandise could also range from used panties and cosplay costumes to branded shirts. There is no limit to merchandising in the camming industry. Camgirls have been seen selling bathwater for $30/jar to the fans.

5. Camgirls can promote gaming products

Brand partnership is the best part and it might actually generate the largest share of the revenue for the webcam girls. We have seen Twitch and YouTube streamers making money from brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Adult gamer girls can also expect the same over time, once they are popular enough.

6. Gamer girls can sell slots in multiplayer squads

One of the biggest drivers of the grown-up popularity of video game streaming is the rise of multi-player video games. A genre where people can join squads and play together against other gamers. What could be a better way to make money than letting your fans play in your squad? You can sell the slots in the team with a pay-per-slot method or invite premium membership subscriptions to claim an assured slot in the squad.

How profitable is the gamer girl Market?

Since it comprises of the audience and opportunities from both the gaming and camming industry, there is a high chance the adult gaming/streaming niche would be a profitable business idea. With platforms like YouTube and Twitch serving only to the non-explicit, non-adult, and mainstream content, the desire in people to enjoy the adult part is normal.

The gaming part itself has a strong foothold in the streaming industry. People love watching games. Even without the adult part, a gamer girl can make enough money by just streaming video games. However, it should not come as a surprise if love for video games drives people on adult gaming sites.

I mean, who would not love gaming + camming + sexual gratification? As long as gaming and camming remain profitable, the gamer girl market is no doubt profitable. I do not see it going down any sooner.

Start your Adult game streaming site today

When mainstream platforms are banning/suspending gamers for showing cleavage on the streams, starting a non-restricted version of the same could actually be a profitable business idea. A large number of gamer girls struggle to keep up and face several backlashes on the mainstream platforms. Offering a safe haven in this popular webcam niche could let them explore the opportunities better, and positively, bring their fan base to your new platform with them.

Maloney Graham

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Adult Model and Adult Business Expert. Custom videos/pics/webcam/phone chat.

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