The Problems With Media Bias

The idea behind the mainstream media that you find so bias is that a professional class of researchers, reporters, interviewers, writers, editors, publishers, producers, correspondents and anchors learn the craft of journalism by going to schools, being mentored, interning and learning from previous generations of journalists- from the pamphleteers of our Founding Fathers to our patriotic World War II newsreels to the skeptics springing from Vietnam and Watergate, and then practicing the craft under the eye of an experienced editor. Where we are today is not a stagnant old form of journalism practiced for decades. We are clearly in an evolving media universe, that you can see and read about as it unfurls in all sorts of places, like here. Your criticism that MSM isn’t changing fast enough may be valid. But think of it as as a work of natural selection as a professional class evolves. It would be foolhardy to turn your nose up at all the fancy book-learnin and hands-on experience that MSM people have acquired year after year, right up to today, and just start over from scratch. This is especially true since a lot of really informative stuff on the Internet is based on all sorts of mainstream reporters work, which consists of getting up, going out and talking to people in search of the truth. Bias exists in every individual, but many news outlets have put a lot of effort into trying to tame it.

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