These Rights Are Not Yours to Give
Graham Glusman

Michael Lancina, I’m assuming this means that you, like Donald Trump, think that the major news organizations are progenitors of fake news? If this is the case, then the burden of proof is on you to show it. Before attaching some disproven article from Buzzfeed or CNN, keep in mind that fake news is only considered such if it is published with the deliberate intention to deceive. News organizations get things wrong, that does not make them fake news.

But that doesn’t seem to be your main objection to the media. Rather, you focus on their innate bias against Trump. The answer to this complaint is: of course they are biased. News organizations are almost exclusively run by urbanites living in major metropolises around the world, which are overwhelmingly Liberal. They criticize Trump because he stands counter to the values held by people in those urban areas. No one is suggesting otherwise. This does not make their news fake, it makes their news biased, which is undeniable. If bias makes things fake, than by your definition, neither you nor I are real either.

If Trump wants to call the media biased, he is allowed to do so. Obama made fun of Fox News on more than one occasion for their bias. But calling them fake because they criticize him is, for obvious reasons, unacceptable.

But none of this was actually the point of my article, the content of which you have surprisingly little to say about in your comment. Perhaps we can have a “rigorous intellectual argument” about the actual content of my article instead.

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