Popping my blogging cherry

Over the last 2 years I've toyed a bit with blogging, mainly due to working in HubSpot over the last 2 years, where every other person has a blog of some sort. I'm definitely one of those people that comes up with an idea and doesn't follow through with it or only half does it. Blogging definitely falls into that category for me. I think I have the ideas but I have been lacking the arsement.

I knew travelling to South America would give me time to do whatever I wanted. Coming over here I wanted to try new things, experience different cultures and push myself out of my comfort zone. After 6 weeks in, inspired by Cotsy blog and armed with a brand spanking new Samsung tablet (my nexus broke RIP. It's currently in a bin in our airbnb in Puerto Varas) I'm writing my very first blog post on a bus heading to Pucon.

So here it goes... (go easy on me)

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