Graham Robinson
Jan 10, 2018 · 3 min read

A warrior she stood, tissue in one hand abandoned to her Papa. A sister joined her, placed a hand on her back and called her on, echoing the amen of her heart.

As we stood around them and worshiped with devoted desperation. We are a family, He is our King.

Six champions in front instruments in their arms, take us up into the throne room as we draw heaven to earth.

Our soul longs for you nothing else will do

Jesus is why we are here.

He is why we have come to this building.

He is why we lift our hands & voices.

But in our rising mingling Hallelujah we become one,

One family, one voice, one love, one desire, one hope

to Adore Him and reflect Him, to be consumed and to burn.

To touch Him who is life so that we might die for those around us.

As our lungs ache and chests expand we urge our bodies to higher priase,

His look of love evaporates all disappointment and pain.

He is healer, He is Lord

As I cry out not concerned by tune, tone or rhythm but just to give my all, there is a breaking of something deep within and freedom surges through my veins.

It’s your breath in my lungs,

It’s your blood in my veins,

It’s your Spirit withing me,

It’s your love in my heart,

which releases me to be myself.

Adoration is the currency of heaven,

you fill my heart and tears of joy and release overflow

Take hold of the power of the cross

Fear is gone,

sickness leaves,

oppression is broken,

and the downtrodden know, know, know God is on their side.

Peace floats down and engulfs us

A band of brothers and sisters united in this moment of praise.

We are His children,

we reach up and instantly are seated on our Daddies lap

simultaneously drawing heaven down.

Like hands on a huge, heavy door, as more and more of us reach up the door gains momentum and suddenly…

The portal is open,

The fullness of Heaven’s blessing is pouring down.

His passion is to saturate our entire being with His Love

He cannot and will not withhold His hand.

\but in the simplicity and clarity of abandoned worship there is an alignment that enables him to roar, that broadens the capcity of our connection and so His unlimited creative life force that authored the universe can burst forth and penetrate us like never before.

the boundary of heaven and earth has become thin and it is His great pleasure to rush across the threshold and invade us.

Here He comes like a Lion

Here He comes like the waters

Here He comes like a rushing wind.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The short intake of breath and gentle whimper of emotions overwhelmed,

The widening of pupils of a mind blown,

The incomprehensible mumble of a spiritual tongue,

the prostrated body because he just can’t stand,

the beautiful harmony of voices joined as one;

the glorious decimation of the author of life meets everyone where they are…

This is life and it is worth more than anything to me.

more addicting than cocaine, more exciting than adrenaline, more euphoric than ecstasy

The kingdom of heaven is a like a man who sold everything to buy a field.

Fingers stretched on steel strings,

Wooden sticks on taught drum skins,

Rhythms and melodies that

distract us from our distractions and release heaven.

Thank you, Thanks you, Thank you,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

first written 29th Nov 2015 @ Catch the Fire London