Take up your cross and change the world

Easter is the beautiful celebration that it is impossible to stop someone’s divine destiny even if you actually kill them.

“Jesus said to his disciples, “If you truly want to follow me, you should at once completely reject and disown your own life. And you must be willing to share my cross and experience it as your own, as you continually surrender to my ways.”

This is a deep and radical challenge why I don’t fully understand the depth of but this morning I felt like I had a bit more of a revelation on an aspect of it.

Jesus says I must be willing to “share [his] cross and experience it as his own”. What was His cross? His cross was the price He paid for being completely himself, and “only do[ing] the works that I see the Father doing” (John 5:19) He loved and humbly accepted all people but if it ever came down to it, He never altered His course of action or message for anyone, not even His family, friends, religions leaders, king of the country or political leaders of the land, even when it cost him extreme physical suffering and ultimately death. In the context of His own life, His decisions seem recklessly unwise (giving the only man with the power to kill or release him the silent treatment — John 19:10).

He was wildy uncomprising because He knew that His purpose was to open a way to set millions, billions of people free. He knew if he stuck to what God had shown him as his expression of live it would change history forever, and because He believed that enough He didn’t care that it cost Him His life.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dare to believe your dreams could have that kind of power? That no matter what anyone in your family, friendship group or any other authority in you land says you are convinced that any suffering will be minimal compared to what the future generations could benefit for you life? All of His closest friends bar one ended up dead because they got this and continued to spead His message of love and transformation around their world. I wonder what it would look like if I believed Him, forgot me and ruthelssly pursed the fullness of my destiny…