Unbridled Passion

I want to know God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and be consumed and possesed by them. I want to bring the maximum amount of Glory to His name in my lifetime. I believe, I can do this best, by getting so close and intimate with Him, that His love and power will flow through me; to empower me to be completely myself, to love every individual I encounter, and ultimately change nations and the world.

When I go to a gathering with my brothers and sisters, aka a church meeting, I konw there is an opportunity to go after the face of God in worship and experience His presence in a way that changes me, transforms me, inspiries me and overwhelms me.

God promises to be enthroned on the praises of His people, so when we use our voices, instruments, movement, creativity, any aspect of our being to commuincate our love to Him, it will cause Him to literally be enthroned and personally, tangibly present in the room, because He said so.

The more abandoned we are to praise, the louder we sing / shout, the harder we dance, the longer we set our gaze on Him, the deeper the connection.

I have experienced this many, many times, but I want more, I think we should

go longer

go deeper

go harder

What if we worshiped for six hours instead of one? What would happen? What if we used electronic music so everyone could dance, like really dance? What if the men in the room felt free to shout louder than they do in a sports stadium? What if the teenagers were welcomed to scream more for Jesus than they do at a concert?

What if we just went off the charts? What could happen? What would that much of God’s presence do to us? to our cities? to our world?

I want to find out… who’s with me?

(art by Flodin)