Welcome Home

Graham Robinson
Nov 30, 2017 · 3 min read

Welcome home son,

I’m so happy to see you. I have so much to show you, so much to tell you. I want you to know i have felt you pain, your disappointment, your fear.

You may not realize it but I was there with you, I am always with you, my love for you is greater than anything this life can throw at you, deeper than any wound you may have and stronger than any fear you feel.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love always wins, it may not always look like it but love will set you free. My love will keep you safe. My love will always surround you.

I want you to know that I have a plan for your life, a plan to benefit you in every area of life, to give you hope and a bright beautiful future.

I want to set you free to be completely you. a wild free man. a brave warrior a risk taker, a humble winner, a happy dancer, a free form jumper, a magnificent lover.

There is an unfortunate lie that pervades modern life, it tells you that no one cares about you and you need something to be happy and if you want that thing you have to go and get it yourself, whatever the cost and no matter who gets in your way. But this kind of selfishness only leads to emptiness and loneliness, to sorrow and confusion.

The secret to life, to real life, is to give your life away, to surrender your control to love, my love, to me who is love, Jesus. In your surrender, in your leap of faith I will catch you and we will fly together to heights you couldn’t even of imagined, to a life that is immeasurably more than you could hope for or imagine, (laughs) to a deep happiness and joy that will give you the power to overcome every circumstance, every struggle every difficulty and still be overwhelmed with love, joy and peace.

This the secret, this is my gift to you, Ipaved the way for this kind of life, when I was on earth I lived a truly selfless life, and then I laid down my life and died so you and I could be connected in love with God the father. A father who loves you with a passion no human can ever compete with.

He spoke this universe into existence just so He could create a space to connect with you, to meet you, to enjoy you.

Would you like to meet him? would you like to embrace this life of love and let go of selfishness?

  • yes

Hello John, welcome home, I’m so excited you wanted to meet me, i am so proud of you! you are my favorite son! this is the best day! Lets celebrate!

Music rises…

Graham Robinson

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