You matter. Go Create.

You matter. Go Create.

Thats the headline thats the key point I want to communicate.

If you have just 10 seconds:- know that you are significant, your voice matters and there is no one who is doing what you do…

Make your contribution, create that thing you have thought about, do it!

In this world where we have multiple streams of content that seem to never end, we can be tricked into thinking that there is too much noise out there, that our stuff isn’t that good enough and it won’t actually be missed.

This is a lie.

You matter.

You were created to be here at this time, in this place, you have a unique sphere of influence.

You can touch the lives of those around you like no one else can.

God loves his children, aka all humans, He loves His creation He wants to use you.

Doesn’t matter your level right now, start doing you best and you will get better. Authenticity beats production, excellence grows through execution. God will anoint what you create to achieve His purposes every time.

On the journey you will change the lives of millions of people.

But you may only see one persons life around improve a little, so firstly don’t for one second expect to be able to understand the impact of who you are and the countless unknown people you will touch, secondly be humble enough to consider that even if it was just that one person it is worth it.

You have the unique creativity of your heavenly father, you bring His Kingdom to earth, and He will achieve His purposes with it, that’s why He whispered it to you.

We are in a battle here, there are many, many others trying to build other kingdoms and they are prolific in the creation of content to achieve their goal. In one area of LA alone 1 pornographic film is released every minute of every day.

That’s nearly 1500 / day. If the creative people involved in that industry are sufficiently motivated by the money they earn to be that prolific, could we not be inspired by the creator of the universe to create more, when He promises our rewards in heaven will far outweigh any earthly treasure?

The work you create has earthly value too. I strongly encourage everyone to pay proper rates when you are commissioning / buying work that is bringing Heaven to Earth.

But sometimes you have to start the journey first, you have to get that thing out there into the world and then it can become the blessing it is to you that it is to others.

So go create. Write down three things God has put on your heart and go create one of them this month. That’s 13 days until the end of Jan, get the first version done and put it out there. Then in February start the next thing on your list while your refine the first.