Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

One or two observations…

  1. It is perfectly possible for smart people to make dumb decisions and vice versa. I see people on my Facebook claiming to be Trump supporters who range across the entire spectrum. (I used to think that only dumb people made dumb decisions, but that was until I started to come across Ph.Ds who had signed on to multiple cockanamie conspiracy theories). So, my view is that many Trump voters are not at all dumb, but I fear that they have made a dumb decision this time around. However, in talking to some of them, the decision makes perfect sense when you understand more about their worldview and experiences.
  2. The attitude of many Trump supporters is definitely down the “we won so f**k you!” end of the spectrum. Most of the Trump supporters on Twitter who have “deplorable” in their screen names are incoherent, obnoxious and assholish, a total waste of internet bandwidth. It is bizarre that they would self-identify and essentially prove that the original stereotypical comment from Hillary Clinton had a sound basis in reality. It is like their anger has completely swamped the rest of their nature.
  3. Decisions made from a basis of anger, fear or anxiety are seldom good decisions. Those emotions short-out reasoning and critical thinking.
  4. Do not underestimate the cumulative negative impact of poor education across the board. I once asked my stepchildren if critical thinking was on the curriculum at their high school (which at the time was one of the most forward-thinking schools in the state). Their answer was “Good Lord no”. I have had to explain to multiple people online this election cycle the meaning of the phrase “logical fallacy”. Logic and critical thinking are in short supply across the board, which makes evaluation of cockanamie pronouncements by people like Donald Trump an uphill struggle for many people.
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