I Listened to a Trump Supporter
David A Hill Jr

This is a good read. As JD Vance has been pointing out for some time, the reasons why many people in rural and economically deprived areas of the USA are supporting Trump are more nuanced and rooted in local experience than many people realize.

However, if Trump supporters are surprised that many people on the other side of the fence consider them to be racist, intolerant fools, they have no right to be surprised. It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes online to realize that Trump’s grabbing of the GOP nomination has emboldened a whole swathe of racist, anti-semitic, white supremacists to emerge into the daylight and engage in some quite frightening eliminationist rhetoric. Trump supporters are highly tribal. They refuse to draw the line on rhetoric or disavow the looney-tunes fringe. This results in the non-racist Trump supporters being indelibly marked as racists or racist enablers, which tends to make them look dismissable.

One common thread that I also see in many Trump supporters is that they have no understanding of 20th Century European history, so they are unable to see or understand the parallels between Donald Trump’s appeal and positioning and that of the pre World War II fascist demagogues. To them Donald Trump looks like the best possible answer — a professed non-politician who is going to turn the place upside down and turf out the professional politicians who have been screwing them over for decades. The fact that this was exactly the same message that Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Oswald Moseley et al promoted, which led directly to World War II, is a historical reality that they do not understand.

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