Bull, I keep saying this and you keep ignoring it.
Louis Weeks

Being told I am responsible for white genocide, and rape threats and death threats, not to mention words like Nigger lover and tons of racial slurs I get. and I didn’t say calling me a socialist is the same as racisist, infact I didn’t list socialist as one of the slurs I am routinely called.

the Main stream Media is hardly liberal, I can stand all the twisting of facts that the main stream media presents

SELF CENSOR SHIP IS NOT THE SAME THING AT ALL AS CENSORSHIP! If you are so weak that you get hurt when someone calls you a name that you change what you say that is on you. Trolls can make these debates irritating but I don’t just blame everyone on the right for the words of a few.

Anarchist who used the excuse of a Milo speaking at their college to riot is the lefts fault, And for every right wing person shot I can list tens of left wing people shot, and again I don’t hold you guilty of the violence commited by the shooter, yet you seem to want to hold me?

Bill Oreily when he said “Tiller the Baby killer” was an exception, I personally hold Bill accountible for the Doctors Death, because of his incitement but I don’t hold you guilty of Dr. Tiller’s death.

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