To reduce the difference of Hillary Clinton as a smart capable woman and Trump as bumbling idiot to…
Mark Olmsted

going through your comments.

North Korea has said bombastic things in the past and is a religious criminal organization, I think Obama’s actions have made North Korea more dangerous then anything Trump has done so far. Could Clinton be better maybe, but I doubt she would have brought peace to the region,

Obama Care is safer under Trump then it would have been under Clinton. I already went over this

let me ask, if the two candidates was Ted Cruz and Trump, would you have voted for Cruz?

Obama could have done much more then he did, but he didn’t, because he didn’t want to, Clinton is proud of his Triangulation. Maybe she could get more stuff done, but what she wants to get done I don’t agree with. However for the most part I didn’t like what Obama did, Obama care was a gift to the insurance industry, in exchange for some small protections, bombing civilians, targeting and killing Americans with out trial, deregulation of banks, allowing them to get bigger, Tax cuts for the wealthy, in exchange for small tax cuts for the rest of us. Obama was bad for the country

If Bernie was president, (he wasn’t in the race and You brought it up not me) At least I know he would be fighting for things I believe in, and he was the Amendment king in the Senate, he got things down, HRC, didn’t she was just a show horse, But worse ever major vote during her time in the senate she got it wrong, wrong on Iraq, wrong on the patriot act, wrong on the bankruptcy bill. … etc.

I explained why I didn’t vote for HRC, and I explained the Trump coalition which saddly and shocking has a large portion of racists nationalists,

But why didn’t Trump lose to 15–16 republicans in the primary, because for 24 years of being trained to attack Democrats out one side of their mouth and excuse Republicans out the other. If they cared Newt would never have been speaker. First the establishment couldn’t unite behind a candidate so they split the vote and Trump got far enough ahead he couldn’t be stopped. But a large portion of the voting public fee that the Government cares more about donors then it does about voters, Many Obama voters voted for Trump because the Media told them Trump was rich and wasn’t taking big money so they felt that at least he would counter the establishment.

The Polls showed that Bernie was ahead in popularity to trump at the time of the election, but he wasn’t running at the time, I had a choice of candidates and I made mine.

They were wrong, all Trump cares about is money, and he is as big a money whore as anyone else. Which is why I didn’t vote for him, I also didn’t vote for him because he is a loathsome racists.

But going back to should I have voted for Clinton, You like Clinton, you think she is good for the country, I don’t I think she is really really bad for America,

So I ask you, Would you be willing to vote for Ted Cruz if he was the candidate?

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