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Hi Noise Machine, let me say this is a complicated issue and it isn’t just black or white, and while it is getting better there has been systemic racism in this country. Surely even you would admit that the Jim Crow laws were racist against blacks and others?

You ask for evidence and then site some evidence, I wanted to briefly take a look a what you wrote “ Twice as many white people die being shot by police” — when there are 9 times as many whites as blacks, and only 2 times as many whites are dying maybe that means something is going on.

Also there are groups of whites that are discriminated against.

you then said “ 36 unarmed black people were killed by police last year, again less than white people despite the disproportionately heightened amount of violent criminal interactions with black males and up to 40x the rate of resisting arrest than with other demographics. Most of the unarmed black males shot were attempting the arm themselves or struggling for a weapon when shot” — I think the number is actually 39, but that is still 35% of all unarmed people shot, and when they are only 6% of the population… it is a statistically high number, and then when you look at the numbers not just for 2016 but for all years we see that the rate for unarmed black deaths is always statistically higher.

Also let me highlight “(blacks are at)40x the rate of resisting arrest than other demographics” Now we could just take that number and come to your conclusion, that this is why blacks rank so high in the crime stats, they just resist arrest a lot more then others, and probably commit more crimes and these super predictors need to be brought to heel,

or we can look at the past, where blacks were lawfully discriminated against, and even though the law has changed we know culture doesn’t change just because the law does and maybe law enforcement might still hold some of that discriminatory against blacks culture, and maybe some of those resisting arrests stats are cops just yelling “stop resisting stop resisting, “ while a prone suspect is pummeled and beaten just because.

Now to address this statment of yours “ Its not systemic. There are no laws telling cops to shoot black people that you can cite” systemic means not just a bad apple but a bad system, that doesn’t mean it has to be lawful, to be systemic. But There are recordings that a police officer made where the top brass of the department is pretty clearly telling people their quota and to target minorities because that is an easier way to fullfill their quota. now that is only one department, but those recordsing cover months of time.

there is evidence that systematic racism exist. and it isn’t a racism where the people commiting the racism think, all black people are bad and whites should rule them, it is a racism where whites are given the benefit of the doubt while blacks are doubt first and say you are sorry later, or cover it up.

again all this isn’t also to say that whites have it easy, or that there are disadvantages to being White or Asian or Jewish but there are definitely disadvantages to being black in America

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