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I remember that you said “(would cops stop and frisk) black guy looking like he’s coming home from his law office?”

I agree they were stopped and frisk less, but evidence is out there that black men in suits even in nice neighborhoods were stopped and frisked.

the black neighbor in my white block was pulled over 9 times in 7 months as he drove to and from his house, he got a dash cam for his car and was ticketed 3 times and used the fotage from the camera to fight the tickets and win, I living in the same area was never pulled over once.

the incidents of anadotal evidence are so numberous that if you speak to any black person they have a feeling of being targeted. Now how much of that targeting of black people is real or not cant be quantified at this point because we just don’t have the data collected but let me say I have my doubts that blacks have it easier then whites.

The Eric Gardner example, I will grant you Gardner was resisting, my point was taking Gardner’s words he felt he was being harrased by police, and having just been the hero and broken up a fight, the police just look at him and say hey we are taken you in, He felt frustrated, he wasn’t in my view violently resisting, I feel the police could have easily de-escalated the situation, and if he needed to go to court, like so many other rich white guys they could have scheduled a time for him to come in on his own.