Sorry but all those are LEARNED behavioral disorders NOT genetic at all.
Sandra Lee Smith

No I don’t think you are an expert able to make that claim. Especially as we can just read the Wikipedia page on the causes of trans sexuality, and while scientists probably don’t have enough information to explain everything, there is plenty of evidence that it isn’t just a “Learned” behavioral disorder

In fact evidence shows that “Therapy” that tries to change Gender Identity or same gender attraction has been harmful to patients. with very few anecdotal cases of claimed success, vs overwhelming statistical failure.

And since death is higher amongst the Trans community, with higher incidents among those treated with therapy that tries to change gender, and among-st those that are untreated vs those that receive therapy, not to mention self reporting on contentment of those who receive therapy.

But lets just blame the patients, and treat them with contempt even though it doesn’t affect you, and what ever tiny amount of Tax moneys Transgender patients get is Tiny and wouldn’t even save you personally from your yearly taxes a penny.