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Recently there was a White guy who was at an IVY league school swim team, who took a girl and raped her while she was unconscious behind a dumpster, and left her there.

Also there was a girl studying at Oxford who in a drug induced rage where she through glass jars and a laptop and stabbed with a ‘butter knife’ into someones leg, causing injuries that required medical attention. then didn’t go to court, instead went on vacation during her trial.

There was the White kid on a new york subway who shot 4 black kids and said during the investigation “ “I wanted to kill those guys. I wanted to maim those guys. I wanted to make them suffer in every way I could…. If I had more bullets, I would have shot them all again and again. My problem was I ran out of bullets.” but in the end it was considered self defence and not guilty accept for having an unlicenced fire arm.

and finally a black woman in a stand your ground state, pulled her gun on her SO whom she had a restraining order against, and had to fire her gun into the ceiling or the garage to warn him off her, and she went to jail for years.

These are anecdotal evidence of privileged white people getting off or light sentences and poor black people getting higher sentences. you already mentioned that Crack has higher sentences then Cocaine. Do you think it is a cooincedence one is a sterotypical black drug vs a sterotypical white drug?

Can you point to anecdotal evidence of poor black people getting off?

There the DOJ has already stated how in Ferguson a systemic system where cops would ticket poor blacks in order to fund their police department.

anyway to get back to your comment “ That would mean that there is a massive amount of violent crime in white communities that police are unwilling to investigate.”

I actually think there might be a fair amount of corruption in white areas that goes unpoliced but it isn’t like we live in a segregated world anymore and there is quite a bit of “race mixing’ going on.

There was that video of a picnic going on in a swimming pool park where white and blacks were gathered and a confrontation erupted between some of the people at the park the police came and especially one officer the way the film shoes he treated the black kids vs the white.

So it could mean that police officers are investigating crimes and escalating interactions with black people more often then white people, and as they have in the past allowing some white criminals to get away while wrongfully convicting black people. Which we know people have wrongfully been convicted and put on death row for crimes they haven’t committed.

We have both said that statistics and studies done on this issue is often not science, or at least good science, but you seem to take the police’s word about what is going on as fact, and think those stats they present must be true, But I think those facts are just as fuzzy and fudged as other studies so far conducted on the matter, You sound to me like you are blinding taking these statistics as gospel for your world view.

So Lets look at the Eric Gardner case, apparently Eric Gardner sold ‘loosies’ which is a crime, untax cigarette sales. and Police in Eric Gardners view harassed him making him feel that he was unjustly being targeted and he protested by not complying, which caused at least one cop to tackle Eric Gardner and use a choke hold against police policy to try and bring him down. which eventually caused his death. no charges against the officers in this case.

Now maybe legally we can agree that the officers were in their right in all the actions they took and if Eric Gardner just bowed his head and did what the officers told him he would be alive. But do you think the Officers would have treated a white criminal that was committing a similar crime in the same way, Maybe, but should the sentence for selling untaxed cigarettes be death? I don’t think so, and I think the police officers could have conducted them selves in a why that Eric Gardner didn’t end up dead, but the police officers didn’t because they don’t have to because if the victim has no power, if your a poor white kid, or mentally ill or black they know you don’t have power and Police don’t treat those people with respect and don’t worry if they end up dead.

Sorry this was way longer then I intended to write. and I could go on and on.

so I will try and sum up.

I have a theory that I don’t have the time or resources to conduct the studies to prove granted but I feel a reasonable person given the anecdotal evidence along with the studies that are out there could conclude that Police officers are trained in such a way that people with no power, poor, people of color the mentally ill are systemically treated differently then people who the police feel have or might have power. vs your theory that (some) blacks are somehow inherently more violent but the system is fair and treats everyone the same, or even is under shooting these violent criminals of color