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Well I personally don’t care what others call themselves, and I don’t care what others call me… and if someone asks me to call them Otherkin I might if they were nice to me.

but if you don’t want to call them otherkin don’t there isn’t a law,

Through out history there have been Biological men and women who have felt like a different, In various native American cultures sometimes they were even respected. In some of the Hindu cultures the same.

A Man who wants to be a women, especially in our culture seems like something weird to want, lots of discrimination, for what? and again there is no law that you have to call her a she.

And for the most part this happens very seldom.

So a man who wants to be a women and takes hormones and dresses as a women and would rather use the womens restroom does it really bother anyone if ‘she’ does? Oh but the children in the

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