You don’t really read for comprehension do you?
Louis Weeks

you said “the fact the climate models have a perfect 100% failure rate…”

The computer models are pretty good, give me a model or a source and we will look at that model together if you like. I have replied to this multiple times.

The CO2 is a blanket is quite a good analogy, I can picture what you are saying. But now give me a source that says CO2 is approaching the point where we start getting diminishing returns on the amount of heat it can keep in.

I gave a detailed response with sources to what particular scientists and models stated in 2007 and the reason for 350ppm, you repeatedly just said ‘you didn’t read’ so its not my problem you dismiss with out reading sourced arguments that respond directly to your question.

You have consistently said “the scientists,” just give me a source, a news paper, and magazine, a website that quotes any scientists saying anything close to what you keep saying “The Scientists said…”

I have repeatedly asked for sources and you have failed to provide any.

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