Kontainers DO WHAT ???

People ask me a lot ….

“What exactly is Kontainers”

This week I was in Munich for one of the largest Transport and Logistics Fairs and the perception of what we did versus what we actually do surprised me, a lot.
When I showed some people exactly what it is we really do some of the most senior players in the industry were literally dumbfounded. 
So I am writing this blog -to kill two birds with the one stone 
That is to reiterate to everyone exactly what we do but more importantly use it as a blog pushed out on our sales channels as well

The devil is in the details so please read on and the good news is if you are a prospective client, after reading this if Kontainers is not of interest you will not hear from us again :)

Kontainers is an online platform designed to digitise your ocean freight. We are a venture capital backed technology startup so we are always improving and learning AND we are doing something that has never been done before. 
This year alone businessinsider named us as one of the top 15 cool tech companies in the North of England alongside Google and we were part of the coveted Maserati100 entrepreneurs alongside OBE’s and billion dollar business’.We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Wired magazine. Over 100 UK Exporters from global brands to SME nationwide have used the platform already, and we have just launched imports and are live in the USA

We all know how convenient it is today to use great software like Dropbox or office365 or online banking but imagine again what existed before that and just how cumbersome it was

Shipping is a necessary evil for a lot of companies, and clearly, shipping has not yet had the renaissance of great software to automate and simplify the process, but it is coming and not just from Kontainers but a whole bunch of platforms some live and more about to be launched

Kontainers exist for two reasons

Firstly we are super passionate and excited about making ocean shipping as simple as a few clicks while also driving extra value for companies like all great software does.

Secondly, we believe once you use the system a bit not only will you never look back but it will unlock value in your business that is currently hidden in your supply chain.

When you come to kontainers.com, the first thing you will notice is an incredible look and feel and the best ocean user interface available in the world according to a top three shipping line and many more . Then with a click instant rates from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the world for FCL or LCL 
If we don’t have a destination showing it is because we don’t have any more slots, we use an airline model of- if you can see a sailing you can book it but if an area is not available just click the button next to origin or destination and we will add new space within hours.
The rates screen is something really special it is a view of not just a transparent all in price but all the available sailings on that trade lane, it is similar to the first time you viewed Skyscanner or Kayak and saw all the options, fast slow cheap (soon even greenest)

As far as we know nobody else in the United Kingdom can offer you such a view and it is important because your cargo should ship on the vessel you want and you should see all the prices of all the shipping line options and not just one price and no sailing options.

The next part is we allow you to book your shipment from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the world within 60 seconds, that’s trucking customs and shipping.
We do this by a mixture of pre-populating your shipping data when we onboard you/set up your free account.
The system remembers every word you entered previously and never asks you again for the same data. This means repeat shipments take a few seconds
Once you have clicked a few buttons and hit complete order, the system takes over and executes the entire transaction trucking, shipping and customs all digitally and updating you in real time on your dashboard. The important part to remember here is thinking of how many times you have a touch point with your freight provider today, request a quote and wait, book, send documents, check status.

We would say the average we see is 20 per shipment, while we are 2!

Imagine how much time that would save you per shipment multiplied out over the course of the year

But it doesn’t stop there ..
Your dashboard is a multi-function tool that will transform your shipping 
On a basic level, it shows you in one place a real-time interactive view and map of each order with latest status and the stages of the shipment.
You can view amend and share your bill of lading instantly, this means your clients can see bills of lading hours after a vessel departs! (the offline average we see is over a week)
This is one of our existing client’s favourite features.
We will then prompt you when your order arrives and use that as a trigger to try and get your client to re-order faster. Maybe it is worth a few extra orders per year because you are looking for an order right as the current one arrives with the client not weeks later

Once you use the platform for a few months you will notice a new tab called economics appear which will give you up to 10 dashboards containing actionable insights derived from your shipping data. Examples would be which commodity codes you shipped as a chart or a graph on your freight rates to see if there is spikes to avoid or a geographical overview of your shipments month on month. We can tailor these dashboards to your needs and give you the data instantly to help your business make informed supply chain decisions and of course on any internet enabled device.

Finally we are moving fast , soon we will have a deep message layer within the platform, with the help of AI you will notice when doing a deal for multiple shipments an offer of a freight rate frozen for the duration of your product contract, you will also be able to bulk book so you can trigger 1x20ft per month for any period and the system will prompt closer to the time to reconfirm. We even have a Financial partner that recognises we know the shipper and value of goods and will offer you finance of the value of the goods with the click of a button

My question is short and simple, after reading this 
Can your company really afford to keep your ocean shipping offline?

If not, please contact us on our website link here kontainers.com or email us help@kontainers.com

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